The Collaborative Fabric

At the center of our work is the Collaborative Fabric—an immersive framework that reveals the truth of how individuals within an organization come together to get work done.

Any organization’s Collaborative Fabric consists of four interrelated threads:

  • Leader Signals

    The daily, minute-by-minute cues that leaders send about how team members should behave in order to belong and succeed.

  • Team Health

    The ability of a group of individuals to overcome challenges and continuously expand their collective potential by understanding the degree to which they fit in and feel fully seen and connected.

  • Operating Model

    The specific way a system is designed to run including information flows, governance bodies, and decision-making practices.

  • Work Practices

    The expected and habitual ways in which team members conduct activities, including meetings, email, and supporting technologies.

Through rigorous diagnosis and clear intention, we unravel these threads to pinpoint how each one is attached to your current outcomes. Then we work side-by-side with you to design collaborative practices that support your organization’s purpose and produce exceptional work and results.