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Apr 12, 2024

Cut the crap: The key to eliminating wasteful work

Does your workweek most closely resemble your attic—jam-packed with things that were once valuable, but no longer hold any appeal? This clutter may include staff meetings, “reply all” emails, information-sharing meetings,…

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Did you Know?

  • Leader Signals

    Every hour that leaders spend after-hours translates to 20 minutes of additional time spent after-hours by your direct-reports.

    Be intentional—every action you take as a leader shapes the culture.

  • Team Health

    Cognitive diversity enhances innovation by 20% and reduces risks by 30%.

    A sense of belonging and ability to contribute are prerequisites.

  • Operating Model

    Decision effectiveness declines by 10% for every individual you add to a group beyond seven.

    Be disciplined about defining who provides input and who makes the call.

  • Work Practices

    Only 47% of knowledge workers surveyed are able to carve out focus-time during the workday.

    Schedule meetings with yourself and dedicate them to your most important work.

Shani Harmon, Founder and CEO

I founded Stop Meeting Like This with the belief that work can and should be both joyful and productive. For more than 20 years, I've worked with organizations and teams across the globe to reimagine knowledge work, and sharing what I've learned is one of my favorite things to do.