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Are you ready to challenge the status quo in your organization? Look no further for the resources you need to build the case for change in tackling this problem, quantify the value of doing so, and read about other organizations who have succeeded at tackling this issue head on.

It’s time to translate the irritation of bad meetings into dollars and cents. Our meeting cost calculator will let you demonstrate the real value of that wasted time and help you determine whether it is worth doing the work necessary to reclaim it.

Time is money.
How much are your meetings costing you?

(average is 3-6 )

(average is 30%) consider late starts, tangents, lack of prep, too many people, multitasking

(average is $200K) include total compensation and benefits

  • Stop Meeting Like This

    47% of meeting time is seen as unproductive

  • Driven to Distraction

    Office workers check their inbox 30 times per hour

  • There, but not really‚Ķ

    Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work