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  • Five Things Not To Do When Launching A Project

    Redundant, parallel projects being run in separate departments. Endless delays and missed deadlines because of day-to-day priorities. Poorly run meetings where everyone has lost the plot. Failing to deliver on the real…

  • Three Solutions To Three Age Old Meeting Problems

    A longitudinal study published by Harvard Business Review found that CEOs spend 72% of their time in meetings. While top executives’ calendars may be an extreme version of the problem, most leaders are overwhelmed. They perpetually…

  • Dam, Flow Or Flood: How Does Information Travel In Your Organization?

    In agile, complex, collaborative organizations, there is a direct connection between the quality of information flow and the quality of results. Shared context (or shared consciousness as described in the great book Team…

  • How Time Crunches Kill Curiosity

    Time is our least renewable resource. While “time management” sounds like a nice-to-have, it’s actually essential to producing innovation. There is a direct connection between the amount of time employees have to reflect,…

  • Why We Love To Hate Meetings, But Keep Going To Them Anyway

    Given the name of our organization – Stop Meeting Like This – we frequently get asked what people can do to upgrade the quality of their meetings. We provide the usual prescriptions: Get super clear on the purpose and…

  • Three Actions That Put The Functional In Cross-Functional Collaboration

    Even when teams have a shared purpose, clear strategy, and aligned success measures, cross-functional collaboration can feel harder than it should be.

  • In Collaborative Work Cultures, Women Carry More of the Weight

    In any organization, people apply unspoken rules and understood norms to get collective work done — in other words, they collaborate. Over the past 15 years, my team and I have observed and facilitated thousands of meetings…

  • Is PowerPoint Killing Your Team's Creative Capacity?

    Try these tips for boosting your virtual team’s creative capacity.

  • Want Better Collaboration? Shift Your Thinking

    A simple shifts in leadership mindset and behaviors can have an outsized effect on the speed and effectiveness of collaboration.

  • Drowning In Email? 5 Surprising Life Preservers In Outlook

    A leader’s ability to triage, manage and respond to email has an outsized impact on the speed with which her organization can move. Use these life preservers to save your sanity – and your time.