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Stop Meeting Like This is a professional services firm that believes work can be both joyful and productive. We work side-by-side with optimistic, forward-thinking leaders to unlock the capacity of their organizations through better collaboration. Whether we're developing the skills of individuals, designing new operating models, enhancing the health and effectiveness of teams, or coaching leaders, we help companies catalyze new ways of working that produce better business outcomes and enhance the human experience of work. We are based in Chicago but serve clients all over the globe.

Intelligent Collaboration – collaboration that is thoughtfully designed and executed with fidelity – increases productivity, frees up time and mindshare to innovate, and creates happier and healthier teams. The best part? It’s well within the grasp of any team or organization.

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Apr 12, 2024

Cut the crap: The key to eliminating wasteful work

Does your workweek most closely resemble your attic—jam-packed with things that were once valuable, but no longer hold any appeal? This clutter may include staff meetings, “reply all” emails, information-sharing meetings,…