Start Meeting Like This

Ellen & Angeline

More than just a way to fill the days, meetings truly matter for organizational performance. Meetings, whether large or small, are:

  • The most common and conspicuous place where leadership is on display
  • An opportunity for high-quality problem-solving, decision-making, and dialogue
  • The largest investment of company time and energy each day and each year
  • A pain point in the majority of large organizations

Our team has mastered the art of meeting design at any scale. What sets us apart is our focus on the strategic intent and highest purpose of the meeting. Rather than pulling from a cookie-cutter set of tools, we go deep to understand your organization and your aspirations before creating an inclusive experience that brings together the best of adult learning theory with our decades-long background in meeting design. Then we add in a little creative pizazz to make your meeting truly exceptional, whether it’s for three people or three hundred.

Effective and Inclusive Meetings

If you’re ready to raise the standard for the quality and inclusiveness of meetings, SMLT has a proven methodology for building the case for change, mobilizing influencers, resetting expectations and establishing a foundational skill set across the organization.

Executive Retreats

When leadership teams need to have the heavy, deep, and real conversations that create genuine breakthroughs, we serve as a steward and a guide. Our executive coaches can handle the heat when necessary, but they also create a safe and productive environment to tackle the tough issues.

Annual Meetings

Multi-day offsite gatherings are a major investment for many teams. We maximize the ROI by developing memorable, unexpected events that incorporate team-building, strategic thinking, and skill development in service of the team’s highest goals.

Virtual Meetings

Time and time again, we’ve proven that virtual meetings can capture some of the best elements of in-person events while also providing unexpected benefits. Our experiential meeting designs utilize the full range of technologies, but focus on high-quality human interaction as the heart of the experience.

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