Who We Are


Partners for sustainable change

Stop Meeting Like This is a team and network of expert practitioners united by a common belief — work can and should be both joyful and productive. From this intention, we partner with clients to transform collaboration practices, build capabilities, and make sustainable change. 

One of the unique characteristics of how we work is our ability to bring just the right expertise to respond to the particular problem. We have cultivated a network of thought leaders and recognized experts who work with us to identify and resolve the barriers to effective collaboration, whether they are issues of overload, communication, innovation, leadership, or diversity and inclusion. 

Our Core Team leads our client partnerships while leveraging our collaborators’ cutting-edge expertise to provide a seamless, one-team experience.

Core Team

Our Core Team is committed to creating the best collaborative experience clients have ever had working with an external partner.

  • Angeline

  • Ashley

  • Beth

  • Brenda

  • Carolyn

  • John

  • Julie

  • Kevin

  • Pam

  • Renee

  • Shani

Expert Collaborators

Our collaborators are experts and renowned thought leaders in their fields.