Pam Asen

Pam Asen has spent 10 years managing diverse teams. She has driven change, coached leaders, and strengthened operating models to better meet the needs of clients, staff, and stakeholders. Pam has a Master’s degree in social work from Columbia University which she applies to her understanding of human systems.

Pam is committed to transforming the way that people work. She believes that with solid organizational infrastructures and effective collaboration practices, employees can thrive.


  • Alia

  • Angeline

  • Carolyn

  • Ella

  • Jennifer

  • John

  • Pam

  • Renee

  • Shani

  • Stop Meeting Like This

    47% of meeting time is seen as unproductive

  • Driven to Distraction

    Office workers check their inbox 30 times per hour

  • There, but not really‚Ķ

    Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work